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Sales and Purchases of Freehold Properties our costs would be:

Property Value

Our Fee

Between the sum of £50,000 up to £250,000

between £500 plus VAT to £600 plus VAT

Between the sum of £250,000 up to £500,000

between £650 plus VAT to £850 plus VAT

Between the sum of £500,000 up to £1,000,000

between £900 plus VAT to £1500 plus VAT

There will be an additional cost if the property is Leasehold or a new Plot at £150.00 + VAT

There will also be disbursements payable (ie the moneys paid out on your behalf)

These disbursements are for a Purchase:

Local Search – this varies from Local Authority to Local Authority but in this area the costs are –

Broxtowe Borough Council £119.94

Erewash Borough Council £175.20

Amber Valley Council £114.84

Ashfield Council £112.60

Mining Report £43.60

Drainage Report £56.40

Environmental Report £51.00

These Searches are the ones we generally recommend but they are not exclusive and during our investigations it may be recommended to you to carry out further searches for instance a Flood Report at the cost of £24.00.

Land Charges Search fees £2 per person

Land Registry Search fee £3.00

Land Registry fees are payable on a scale dependant upon the purchase price and if the property is not subject to a first registration there is a 50% discount on their fees–

0-£80,000 discounted fee £20.00

£80,001 to £100,000 discounted fee £40.00

£100,001 to £200,000 discounted fee £95.00

£200,001 to £500,000 discounted fee £135.00

£500,001 to £1,000,000 discounted fee£270.00

There may also be Stamp duty payable depending upon the price of the property and whether you are a first time buyer, replacing your main home or buying an additional property.

The disbursement for a Sale -

Office Copy fees of £6.00

Further copies of documents may be required if revealed on your title at the Land Registry and the Land Registry do make a small charge for providing these.

Please note there are additional costs which maybe payable depending on the transaction for instance:

Bank Transfer fee £20 plus VAT

If your mortgage is via the LMS portal £10 plus VAT.

Help to Buy ISA £50 plus VAT

Help to Buy Equity Mortgage £180 plus VAT

Our fees for dealing with Probate are:

Minimum fee for obtaining  a Grant of Probate / Letters of Administration £550 plus VAT

Additional Work is charged at the hourly rate of £160 plus VAT

Court fees are £156 which includes two Sealed Copies of the Grant

Swear fee for the Oath of £5.00 or £7.00 if there is a Will 

With regard to obtaining a Grant of Probate /Letters of Administration, we aim to prepare the necessary documentation within four weeks of receiving all the figures and necessary paperwork required.

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